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Whats on
Whats on

At Bethany House we offer a variety of activities to suit individual choices and groups. We aim to stimulate body, mind and emotional wellbeing.

Great activities at Bethany House
Arm chair exercises 
Arm chair exercises are a great opportunity to keep physically active. These exercises can help improve your balance, circulation, prevent major injuries, improve stamina. Chair exercise is low impact, so not the same impact found in full cardio exercise. It's important to keep active to promote good general health.

Sing along

Singing is one of the best activities to engage in, as it offers a multitude of benefits. You can improve brain functioning, emotional regulation, social interaction, improve quality of life. Singing can help increase self confidence and reduce anxiety/depression. Being part of a small group, even for a short while, can bring a smile to your face.


Playing bingo is fun! You get to mix with others, socialise with friends and have some friendly competition. In addition bingo can help enhance hand eye co-ordination, improve usteins and short term memory skills. Bingo promotes a social life, essential to maintaining a happy and healthy lifestyle.


Besides healthy competition and promotion of social interaction with friends, quizzes can promote good mental health and emotional wellbeing. Keeping mentally active can impact everyday living and physical health. Whilst having fun, a quiz can help improve thinking, reasoning and other cognitive abilities, helping to improve memory. Why not stimulate the mind with a quiz.

Pamper mornings 

Everyone loves a bit of attention at some point. Being pampered makes you feel good, increases self esteem, helps you feel special. Long after a pamper session is over, you are left with a positive sense of wellbeing and confidence. Choosing a session to suit you, at a time that suits you.

Outings to local places of interest 

It is important to continue to interact socially with others and our community. Going out shopping, events, functions help to improve mental health, reduce stress, improve quality of life as relationships are maintained. Outings can help conversations, form new friendships and reaffirm a sense of belonging.

Table crafts 

For those who are creative, or just want to have a go, table crafts are a great opportunity to exercise the mind and physical abilities. Learn a new skill or continue a passion from your earlier days. Example table crafts that are simple and fun include tea pot planters, festive wall crafts, hand painted books, card making and much more.


Everyone needs time to relax. For some it is watching tv, playing an instrument, reading and even painting. Painting can help reduce anxiety, stress and worries and can help to reduce depression. Why not try your hand at a new skill such as painting.

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