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Your home

Here at Bethany Care Home, we want you to feel valued and know that you belong. We want you to live in a place, you can call HOME. We encourage you to bring small pieces of furniture, photos, pictures to make your own room personal to you.

We also believe and encourage residents here, to be part of the wider community. Having a place within a community is a key factor of happiness. We aim to create many opportunities to bring people in and take residents out, ensuring a broad range of social interactions within diverse settings.

In addition to the home, we also own the Bethany Centre which is unique and a highly effective facility. At the heart of the community and initially built as a community church, we have made it our own and offer the facility to the wider community. This allows our residents to interact with the community and become closer to what is going on around and about.

Woodham village has long been a thriving community and at the heart of the community, we have the Bethany Centre. We are always looking at creative ways of utilising the wonderful space the Bethany Centre provides through interactive community events.



With our purpose built community centre we have opportunity to do more than the average care home and we take as many of these opportunities as we can. We recently began a toddler group that we named ‘Wrinkles and Dimples’
which residents of Bethany Care Home and The Bethany centre, attend if they wish to.


The interaction between the young and older generation is bridged through play and social communication. We have also installed a wide screen cinema into the facility and can now offer Cinema times for residents and anyone choosing to use our facilities.


We also offer our wheelchair access vehicle for residents and families to use. All we ask for is that the driver has the relevant driving licences.


Many of our residents love to get out and about with friends and family to local places of interest. We see the use of this vehicle as a way to connect the two where it would normally not be a possibility.

Make Bethany House your home
To talk to us about our homes, or for any questions on care, call us now on
or email us to find out more
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